Wallace cititraining runs a finger printing service to help you with your exam application or transfer to another firm. Our fingerprints are accepted by FINRA and the NFA.

If you would like to be fingerprinted (and by the way it’s more pleasant via us than going to a police station), please note the following:

  • It takes around 20 mins.
  • It’s at our offices in Spitalfields (a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Street Station).
  • Please bring along your current passport + one other form of ID.
  • It costs £75 per person (for 3 fingerprint cards). Cash and cards accepted, receipts supplied.
  • Your firm may supply you with fingerprint cards – if they don’t, we have a stock of them.
  • To make an appointment (we need to know to expect you) call Kate Hagan on 020 7379 0504.
  • We are unable to guarantee perfect prints.  Sometimes the regulator rejects prints if they are too heavy. If they are rejected we will charge you to do them again.
  • If there’s a group of you, we can arrange to come to you (please call for more details).
  • You don’t have to be fingerprinted before sitting an exam but if you are and you send all the paperwork off together, it helps – please call for more info on 020 7379 0504.