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Be Timewise
Be honest with yourself - you work long hours each day, you have very little time or inclination left to study at the end of the day or at the weekend. But you have to do this exam. It's likely that your job depends on it, so you will have to find the time somehow.
Be sensible - plan your time realistically and where you can, come to an Intensive Review - proven to be the most efficient and effective way to pass quickly.

Be Ready
Don't take your exam until you are ready. Aim to pass first time. Once you are through you won't have to look back. If you fail, NASDR will make you wait 30 days to resit. This will cost you more time over the next month because you will have to keep revising.

Our Job
What we do is to help you pass your exam first time and as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our programs are concise - we are here to help you pass your exam, not to teach you the broader aspects of your job.

You Don't Need to Know the Industry First
Our programs assume no prior industry knowledge, so don't worry if you think you don't know anything.