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Equivalency Training & Testing

                     Making our programs more flexible than ever before, Interactive is our name for e-learning or CD-Rom delivered training programs. Blend 'paper based' Study Manual with on-line Practice Examinations and Explanations or go for a full Interactive program - no paper or go for a full Interactive program where available - no paper. Full Interactive programs may be studied on-line or CD-Rom.

Interactive Finals
On-line version of the final practise exams. Allows you to analyse your own progress (in time and success) and pull off single subject practise tests. Particularly useful to have at work so you can dip in and out of practice exams during any available study time. Gets you in the right frame of mind for a computerised exam. Also available as a CD-Rom.

Interactive Full Course
Available for Series 7 and 63. The full Interactive program, also available as a CD-Rom.

Interactive Progress Exams
On-line practice tests that simulate the exam. Available on selected series only, and also available as a CD-Rom.

Virtual Classes
Requiring only a computor, broadband connection, speakers or phone; the Review is live and delivered by a specialist US instructor, in the comfort of your own office or home. A Powerpoint presentation runs to your desktop with our instructor speaking to you over the phone or internet. Questions can be asked via phone/internet or a chat features. please note students must hold the Homestudy materials to attend the Review.

On Demand Lectures
Perfect if you can't make our scheduled Virual Classes, our pre-recorded tutorials are delivered via the web and supported with slides, mini-quizzes and instructor hotline. Students have a window to use the training from date of initial logon and may access the program as many times as needed within that time frame. The on-demand lectures are sold as enhancements to the study material and are not offered in lieu of a class.

WCT and STC have just launched a new way to study Series 3, 7, 24, & 63, when you have a little spare time. Using your internet enabled mobile phone you can acess your electronic flashcards which:

                     Arrange topics according to the students needs
                     Mark the information you have difficulty remembering
                     Randomise the subject matter to avoid rote learning
                     Practice on fornulas as you strengthen your maths skills

The Flashcard Series is sold as an enhancement to the study material and are not offered in lieu of study material.

Audio + Video Learning
In the car, on the tube, or at home on a Saturday night instead of the football, or just because you want to. Tape, CD-Rom (MPEG), DVD - call no for detail.

24/7 Ask?

Email or phone an instructor at any time from when you register to when you pass your exam.

24 hours, 7 days.