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                     Our teaching, live or virtual, shares one objective:
Fast, efficient, focussed learning to help you pass your exam as quickly as possible.

And shares one key feature:

Taught by our 40-strong team of American specialist instructors who focus 100% of their time on teaching for Series exams.
This makes them the most highly qualified and knowledgeable teams – anywhere.
Our team is skilled in the ins and outs of American securities and derivatives markets and financial terminology, understanding the retail investor and most importantly, understanding how the regulators who write the exams think.

Learn Smart
Our students still tell us the most efficient way to prepare for a Series exam is to attend an Intensive Review or Virtual Class. It is the quality of our teaching that sets us apart. The national average pass rate for 'Series' exams is around
67%. Our Intensive Reviews consistently produce an 85% first time pass rate. Why? Our students report that it's down to having a real live teacher to listen and refer questions to that brings the information to life.

Be honest - how much time do you actually spend reading training manuals thoroughly? How often do you find yourself re-reading them because your attention wandered?
Speed the whole process up - enrol on an Intensive Review or Virtual Class and submerge yourself in the subject matter.

We Do and We Don't
we do teach
intensively - we don't hang around

we do
review the topics - we don't teach from the book in class

we do
concentrate on the most difficult aspects of the exam

Scale the Fear Factor
Our job is to help you scale your exam ‘fear factor’. These exams are ‘do-able’ and our courses are designed to build your confidence and eliminate this fear factor.

Intensive Reviews are live classroom sessions taught at wallacespace, our training centre in Covent Garden (www.wallacespace.com). Intensive Reviews are just what the title suggests. ‘Intensive’ i.e. we don’t hang around and ‘Reviews’ i.e. we don’t teach the material from scratch. We review it.

Virtual Classes are delivered to your desktop. A PowerPoint presentation runs on your screen and voice is delivered over your phone. Other than our instructor being on the other end of the phone rather than being in the room with you, Virtual Classes run in exactly the same way as live Intensive Reviews.

One-on-One or Small Group Tuition
Teaching is as an Intensive Review but given on a one-on-one or small group basis.
ask@wallacect.co.uk or +44 (0)20 7379 0504 for further details.